Weapons and tools are the pinnacle of the game.

Weapons are usable items. Firearms and melee weapons are used in combat to slay. Tools, which aren't for killing, are used for reloading, buffs, and fortifications. Each class is given different weapons.


Here are the weapons that are included in Blood and Iron. (Thank you community for contributing to the Fandom!) For controls, see General Controls.


Standard Melee:

Militia Melee:


Usable items that deal no damage and instead fill other roles.




Weapons of Blood & Iron.
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Ranged Weapons Musket (Line Infantry)Musket (Light Infantry)PistolMusketoonRifle
Standard Melee Weapons SabreSwordSapper's AxeLance
Militia Melee Weapons Hand AxeKnifePikeSledgehammerWar ScytheBranch
Miscellaneous Weapon Ideas
Tools of Blood & Iron.
Main Article Weapons and Tools
Sapper Tools HammerShovel
Instruments FifeHornBagpipeBugleDrum
Other Tools RammerColourSpyglass
Miscellaneous Weapon Ideas
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