A War Scythe is a two-handed melee weapon, only accessible via the Partisan unit. It has two attack directions: up and left. Can block. It is the only two handed weapon to kill someone in three hits.


As the third longest weapon in the game (After pikes and lances), it should be used in a similar fashion to a pike. Taking that it also deals the least damage of any two-handed weapon, being the only one to kill in 3 hits instead of 2, it should be used at a distance longer than the sword's reach. The war scythe is useful if any soldier is running after you and melee-ing you, since it can attack them before they reach you and, if you're lucky, hit at least twice.


A long brown pole with a metal cap attached to the opposite end as the curved blade.

Pros & Cons


  • Long range;
  • Easy to use while retreating;
  • Can block.


  • Low damage;
  • Hard to use in very close ranges;
  • Hard to hit anyone.
  • Not very useful if they get where you can't attack.
  • There are only two swing directions.
  • 3 Hits To Kill.
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