The Sword is a melee weapon avaiable for all regiments and classes except sappers.

Press X to enable marching stance, and press X again to disable. Hold right-click to block, release to stop blocking. For more details, click here.

The sword has four attack directions: right, left, across the chest (like blocking), up and down (stab).

To switch an attack direction, simply click on the respective portion of the screen (More info in the Attack Direction hyperlink above).


It has a wooden grip, an iron hand guard (Design differs depending on rank), and a long, straight blade.


Hitting people with the sharpened end. Using the right/left attack directions, it can also go around someone blocking. Walk towards them, then turn towards the opposite direction from your attack. This can cause the sword's hitbox to miss the blocking weapon.

Pros & Cons


  • Fast swing speed.
  • Large hitbox.
  • One of the easiest weapons to bypass blocks with.
  • Outranges knives.
  • Outranges Sapper Axes and Branches while stabbing.
  • Has a fast blocking speed


  • Is hard to defeat sapper axes
  • Outranged by bayonets, pikes, lances and war scythes.
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