Strategies are plans that players or groups of players use to gain the upper hand. There are numerous types of strategies. 

Group Tactics

Strategies that require coordination with the team and union under a single plan.

Melee Charges

A common tactic. Normally used after a prolonged firefight, it relies on the enemy getting caught by surprise to a certain extent to work, or just being too outnumbered or outclassed to properly fight back. This tactic works very well on smaller maps or in enclosed spaces since they provide the enemy less time to realize that you're charging until it's too late. The bayonet charge requires very little teamwork in comparison to other strategies, but can easily be destroyed by the team not listening to you. In essence, it starts with the two teams shooting at each other for a medium to a long time and making sure that many casualties are caused to the enemy. Then, the team will charge using bayonets and catch the enemy off guard, preferably while they still hold their weapons in a mode preparing to fire, therefore, bayonet charge. This leads to a melee (Usually brief, if the tactic is executed correctly), which should lead to the charging team winning. This tactic can work very well with a few skirmishers providing fire while the team charges. To make it more powerful you should: take 2 flag bearers (they boost weapon swing speed) and officer (can shoot his pistol before the melee battle begins and gives speed boost) if you can turn your weapon into march mode. The Melee Charge usually fails if not enough enemies have been killed beforehand. In this sense, melee charges can be very risky, as if a melee charge fails, all attackers usually are killed.


This tactic is used a lot after a team has lost a battle or two. It consists of a couple to a few Sappers building fortifications in a certain area of the map, and the whole team settling in it. Though, camping is a high-risk tactic that often loses to multiple flankers which can shoot the camp from multiple sides and charge later on. If you and your team decides to camp, make sure you do it right. Make sure your team has AT LEAST two sappers at your disposable to maximize protection in your selected area of building. Do not rely on just one sapper to do the whole work. And make sure those sappers KNOW what they are doing, and not build like complete Neanderthals (Like having a sapper combine a dirt mount with Cheux de Gardes or fences, and/or not building flank protection.)

Cavalry Rush

This tactic is often used by many people, and, with the right people, can be very effective. As the name implies, a cavalry rush is composed of a group of cavalry, more often than not Hussars, and charging straight into the enemy. The enemy can counter a cavalry rush, however, by having a Sapper build stakes or just having a Foot Artillery introduce a canister shot to the rushers.

OHK Lancer

One player goes lancer while another goes hussar. The two players swap horses, giving the lancer the faster horse. This allows the lancer to go fast enough where a hit from the lance will kill infantry in one shot. Lancers may also take horses from dead hussars.

Slow Advance

A sapper builds a single barricade construct for riflemen/musket-men to shoot the enemy from. Gradually, the sapper advances the base, building the same construct and keeps on going until the team is close enough to the enemy. This tactic works well for riflemen and other ranged units against enemy camps but the slow progress often means that it takes a lot of time for the team to reach the enemy.

Line Fire

Gathering a large group together as mostly Rankers with a musician, officer or color bearer for buffs and firing in synchronization for maximum damage potential. It is possible the best way to counter rushes as the mass firing can shred through hordes.

Camping and Spread Line Shooting Combination

This strategy relies on the ability of the sapper to build a musket's ball magnet combine with the sniping ability of good snipers, How it goes is that the sapper build a base filled with people who can't aim with the normal dirt and sandbag combo will work fine, With the snipers (Usually as Riflemen) go spread out and do a quarter circle formation in a wideout on both the left and right side of the base sniping the enemies when they saw one. Covering the base as well as each other, While killing the enemies one by one.

  • Disadvantage: This strategy won't work well on open area maps such as Grassland, Riverside and etc.
  • Advantage: It works stupidly well on a map with a central building and trees for covers such as Spanish Farmstead and etc.

Partisan Rush

The title explains it all. You will need to gather a few partisans (3 or 4 will work). You will have to stay together, or else you will end up dying if you don't stay near your comrades. You can do two things:

  1. Defensive/Camping Stage: Camp in a place where you can not get shot from the outside. Gang up on anybody nearby who is a threat.
  2. Offensive Stage: Rush and stay together. All of the team must attack the same user and they must defend each other.
  • Advantage: Works with maps that have barely any buildings in it.
  • Disadvantage: The team may die on rounds in which the majority of the enemies are cavalry.

Dragoon protecting

As a dragoon, it can be useful to take key areas of a map like the middle of the road to Smolensk. You can take these areas and prevent a rush while infantry moves up to secure the place to charge forth. However, this requires cooperation.

Cavalry harassing

With 3 or 4 cavalries, flank the enemy and continually charge them, distracting them, giving your teammates safety to advance

  • Advantage: Good if the enemy team is packed in tight groups or spread out. Enables your team to advance and charge the enemy
  • Disadvantage: High casualty rate, not very effective if the enemy team has built a base

House camping

When playing on a map with one or more houses, the sappers on your team occupy and fortify a house, with the majority of all of the team inside. The house gives you protection, and defense that the enemy team cannot destroy. When fortifying a house, Sappers should do the following:

  1. Barricade the windows- If you don't barricade the windows in a house (If it has any), enemy soldiers can shoot through them
  2. Fortify all entrances to the house TO THE MAX- The enemy team is going to try and get through any entrances to the house. To avoid this, barricade all entrances as much as possible, and station two or more Sappers, to repair barricades
  • Advantage: Good for camping and last stands
  • Disadvantage: No way out. You either defend the house or die trying
  • This is a very successful strategy on Plancelot


Facing Failure

Group Surrender

Unless your teammates are highly non-combatant and honestly do not care about fighting, for God's sake, please don't do this...

Group Sacrifice

Why? Thankfully never used. Jim Jones approved.

Cavalry Teammates Flung

This happens when an experienced cavalry, most probably hussars do the flung glitch. Somehow they ram into their own teammates with some sort of maneuver he can fling people in extreme velocity out of the map thus eventually leads to death. In some cases, they're trying to wipe-out all teammates and pretending they're on the enemy side. To counter this, place stakes when they're not aware, try to kill the horse with it somehow. On the contrary, it might have been useful if teammates land in a strategic spot instead out of the map.

Banzai/Huzzah Charge

It's late in the game, most of your comrades have been killed, your strategy has failed and now you and the remainder of the team are now cornered awaiting your ultimate fate. Then you and your last buddies decide to take the fight to the enemy in one last-ditch attempt, by throwing yourself right at the enemy and trying to kill as much as possible before you and the last of your team dies. Usually, this ends really poorly as the enemy team has sustained little to no casualties. People do this just to either end to the game early or to show their bravery to the ghosts of their fallen brothers, or they think they can pull off a huge stunt and turn the tide of the game.

Personal Strategies

The Strategies that are followed through by individuals rather than whole groups.


As a sapper or partisan, charge into the enemy with high damage weapons like an axe or a log and kill targets one at a time with carefully-timed swinging. It is very dangerous and has a high potential to fail.


'Nuff Said, boys. Not recommended to do.(Unless you are on the French Team of course :)

Firing from cover

Best if done as a rifleman, however, this works with any long-range gun. Find a wall that is about waist-high or any wall that FULLY covers you while you are crouched that you can fire over. Find a target and try your best to face in their direction. Now make ready and present, go into third-person. You should now be able to see over the wall (you can use shift-lock to re-adjust your direction quickly) place your cursor over the target, stand, and fire. Now, I recommend you quickly crouch and reload, but hey, you do what you want to at this point. If there are no walls available, take cover behind the closest tree available. Tree hotboxes are quite odd, so they provide good cover from incoming bullets. If all trees and walls fail, take cover behind the nearest dead or alive horse. They stop bullets from hitting the player, but your legs are exposed to incoming projectiles if the horse is live. If so, cover up as much of your body as you can behind the horse, or simply kill the horse.


Most effective as cavalry, it mainly involves encouraging the enemy to follow you. [By attacking their flanks, Sniping them, etc] You can use this to lead them into a trap, either into stakes, a lot of guns or a cannon loaded with canister. This tactic is not that common, due to the difficulty in trying to lure the enemy, as most people usually figure out that they are waltzing into a trap.

Cavalry Isolation

Works best with hussars. It requires quite a lot of melee skill to perform. Find an isolated enemy, charge them with your sword and hit them with one hit. Immediately jump off your horse and start melee-ing them from the ground. This should if done correctly, both surprise the player and kill them after one swing on the ground. If you miss the initial charge, don't turn around. Get off and start to fight them like nothing happened. This tactic works well with flanking.

Sniper Picking

This strategy involves being either a rifleman or a light-infantry unit and picking off major targets. (Other snipers, buffers, sappers, leaders) Often best used in conjuncture with flanking.


Flanking is when a player(s) moves across the battlefield in the direction opposite of most of the combat. This is used on many Open Field maps where places can get overrun with enough soldiers but are also frequently used on smaller maps as well. This can be done in a variety of ways, usually involving your enemy looking away from the flanker. Common ways to flank include using buildings (The ones already on the map, not built by a sapper) to go through a heavily defended area, breaking away from a large group to walk around a focused enemy (Works really well on campers!) or just playing cavalry. Like, playing cavalry at all tends to require flanking. More advanced forms of flanking usually require a lot of team coordination, such as melee-ing a large group of enemies to then retreat and flank them with rifle or musket fire. Now, this last one is incredibly hard to perform, and I've only seen this be done once, by an extremely skillful team, but you can have one or two people pretend to be flanking, and be relatively mediocre at it, making sure to be spotted, but also making the enemy think that they don't know they've been seen, then trusting the enemy team to alert each other of this, which leads to all focus being on them, while the majority of the team charges the enemy, using numbers AND flanking simultaneously. This is incredibly hard to pull off, but if you do, it will impress literally everyone on the server. This tactic is probably the only one that works better on more organized teams, as it requires someone to alert everyone else.

Fake Idling

Consider this case: you are being melee charged by someone. Your rifle is loaded with ammunition but the enemy has used it, You are in a safe distance to fire but he is walking randomly when you're aiming at him making you unable to shoot accurately. When you're aiming (Ready to fire and in present position), try to aim somewhere not to the enemy but still in your screen sight and then freeze, acting like you have laggy internet connection or "I'm very busy IRL rn" so you leave your game in the middle of the battle. In confusion, he now thinks you are actually freezing then he walks to you uncautiously and slows in a more predictable move and suddenly you aim at him and BAM! This might not work if the enemy actually has ammunition and decided to shoot or there is another enemy aiming somewhere when you are freezing. This works with any firearms in the game, although rifle is recommended.

Corner Camping

Sitting on the corner of a house or a door frame and attacking when someone comes around. *WARNING* You're trash if you use this, just saying.

Helpful Strategies

Tricks that could help your team out.


Threatening of which is a hussar that so does "annoying the enemy" and lowering their morale. Although you can do this personally, you can do it with friends. Watch out for the stakes.

Decoy Army

First, you gather group/discord members to help you out. 10 men or 5 is needed, as the army is led by someone else, and you are leading the main army, It'll give you a good amount of time to flank the enemy.

Map Specific Strategies

Click Here for map specific strategies

More Strategies

Cavalry Strategies

Attacking as Cavalry

As long as the person you are attacking isn't about to shoot or has a bayonet, when they block or strafe to avoid your attack just jump off your horse and go after them. Because strafing left or right can be countered, most players will block instead- making for an easy sword kill. Even if they aren't blocking most are not expecting an abrupt swordfight and you can usually get a hit in.

Defending Against Cavalry

Generally, in most maps (Steppe, Hilltop Outpost, Farmland, etc) you'll be facing cavalry. Gigantic horses, galloping with a long lance towards you. If you were in that situation and you froze, you'll probably have to wait until the round ends to play again. But if you want to survive, here is a recommendation to stay in the battle.

Defending Against Cavalry - Musket Loadout

If you are in a line infantry class, you have the bayonet. Use it to your advantage. Hoist it to your enemies by pressing X.

Defending against cavalry is surprisingly simple yet sometimes tricky. To do so, stand still until the enemy cavalry is approximately 10-20 studs away from you. Then abruptly move to your right until you are out of the weapon's range. Since a rider's weaponry is on their right side, it will leave them vulnerable on the left. That abrupt move renders the weaponry useless, and you have the upper hand now. Turn towards them, and if needed, advance onto their left side, aim at their hat and give them the bayonet (in other words, hit him). Doing so has a high possibility of hitting the rider itself, with a fairly low chance of hitting the horse, since you are aiming high. (feel free to edit this)

Another way to do this, which is much easier, is to simply press X to bring out your bayonet, and when the horse comes at you, simply crouch (Press C) with the bayonet facing the horse. If done correctly, the horse will instantly die, and the rider will be thrown off of it. You can then engage in battle with the now horseless rider, a battle that you should most likely win.

Defending Against Cavalry - Sword Loadout

If you are loaded into a class with a sword, your advantage lays on your ranged weapon. Attempting to hit a cavalryman with a sword is very risky of getting hit yourself. But, however, if you are in the situation where a horse is lined up and just about to run you over, I'd recommend hitting the horse instead, since there are multiple ways of attacking, and only one of them is a thrust, and also because it is level with you. What you can do to is actually similar to the musket strategy. Instead of standing still, move backward, until the horse is about 10 or 20 studs away. Move to the right (see above if confused) and instead of aiming high, aim for the horse. Doing this repeatedly will likely scare away the cavalry or kill the horse. Unless hit reg fails And you instantly die. (feel free to edit this)

Click here for the technique for handling the sword.

Attacking as cavalry - Comes another, comes another will need 3+ horseman

As any cavalry person would know people with musket like to shoot horses and will do so over infantry. This strategy is an immediate charge but only 1 person goes in and tries to draw their fire. once their team has fired in a mass volley or the horseman is dead the rest of the group rushes in and kills everyone. This can be applied to their whole team or a group. Hussar is best suited as the distraction as they are faster than any other cavalry. This also works with artillery, just watch out for any other cavalry as they must be killed first.

=== Infantry Strategies



Learn the Uniforms. Knowing what kind of enemy you are up against will prove invaluable to succeeding. Try to recognize an enemy Rifleman from a Light Infantry- and attack accordingly. Rushing a Rifleman in open ground is not the best idea.


When walking it is best to walk in 3rd person. This way you can quickly scan what is behind/around you without having to turn. If somebody is peeking over a corner while you approach it- they can quickly ready and fire while you have your back turned. It also is useful if you do not want to alert a pursuer you are aware of their presence. (see Running section). In the event they peek anyway you can start dodging without having to zoom out.


Dodging is just like 3rd person walking but sideways. To dodge you need to zoom out and align the shooter's position with your character's side. If done correctly this minimizes the hitbox of your character and drastically reduces your chance of being shot. At long range this is suitable by itself and you can continue walking in that direction, but in close to medium range you must also throw the shooter's aim off. If you don't the shooter can easily predict where you will move and fire when you are in their crosshair. To do this try to be unpredictable and avoid going in one direction for too long- all while moving farther and farther away. Keep looking at the shooter while moving to make sure your sides are aligned and to see if they are still aiming. Do not rush while moving farther or your sides will align to the shooter thus giving them an opportunity to fire. Do not strafe left and right while your character looks at the shooter, this includes going in first person and strafing while looking at the shooter.


When at a corner that enemies might pass, or to simply check if the coast is clear, zoom out and use 3rd person to peek around the corner. This is useful if there is somebody waiting to shoot anyone that goes around the corner. Do not physically peek around any corner unless you are in a rush or feeling risky. Near the start of the round, you will see many people go to the sides of the map's buildings or wall. Do not walk into the open ground to rush the enemy's sides- be patient, as there will almost always be enemies lying in wait. Once the enemy is around halfway (so that they cant run back fast) you can either back up and aim at the corner, ready to fire- or peek quickly and shoot.


If you are being chased, make sure not to alert the pursuer that you know you are being chased. If you do you might be shot.

Be sure to pace yourself between you and your pursuer. There should be at least two musket's length between you and your pursuer. This is to make sure that you can turn around and shoot without not counting. Too close and the shot will not register (as the bullet leaves the end of the musket and muskets clip through players; therefore spawning a bullet behind the enemy in question).

Flanking Strategies


Pick cavalry, or skirmishers (Also have the option to choose officer if you want to support your squad). Go far left or right on the battlefield and try to stay hidden until players start fighting. Then pick off them OR go back more and shoot them from behind.

Tactics For Flanking


Pick a fast cavalry. Make sure you have a squad size of at least 2. 4/6 is the optimal size. flank as usual, but when you go from the sides, all cavalry charge in. Make sure to line up the horses with one in front and one in back. This should enable you to hit a person, and the person behind you to kill them. Very efficient when people don't look to their sides while fighting. For more efficiency, have 2 squads on both sides of the field. The left squad kills a person if he notices the right, and the right kills a person if the person notices the left squad. Make sure not to ram into each other though, that's a death wish.

Pick skirmishers. This is an anti-camper strat. Go to the very VERY back of the field. Then head to behind the camper's base. Pick them off 1 by 1.

Some targets in order from the most important to the least important-

  1. Experienced enemy cavalry (They will be looking to kill you)
  2. Enemy artillery (worst nightmare of horses)
  3. Not so experienced enemy cavalry (just so you can feel safe about not being chased)
  4. Oblivious rankers (just go behind them and stab them)
  5. Rankers (don't charge down a musket barrel)
  6. Riflemen (or a rifle barrel in this case)
  7. Sappers (watch out for the stakes)
  8. Partisans (you never know what they have)
  9. Pikemen (death to all horses)

Playing as a Musician: How to NOT be a scumbag


Musicians are often overlooked as the most useless class in the game, as they have a weak sword and an instrument as their secondary. Most musicians are pacifists or people who try to stop the fighting by dancing.


When playing as a musician, make sure to stay with the largest cluster of your team. Your best bet is to play as a fife since most people are bound to pick Infantry and you can buff them. Stay closer to teammates when they're reloading to give them a reload buff.

Most importantly, support your team in sword fights and stay out of long ranged duels. Keep out of the line of fire in order to stay alive.


This guide will help you and your team to survive.

Forward base: 1 Sapper required

These common bases are usually found at spawn and are often made of Large Dirt pile + Sandbags or Large Barricades.

A forward base is easily set up and can change military tactics quickly. It can be easily abandoned in case of a charge and easily inherited in case of defense. Containing no special qualities, Forward bases are often only used to provide cover to an army.

Cannon Base attachment: 1 Sapper, 1 Artillery

There's always a reoccurring problem with bases, There's no protection for cannoneers. Since cannons are essential for dealing with a mass of enemies, they often are overlooked as too dangerous to maintain. Sappers that build to protect the cannon sacrifice the cannons turning mobility and make it otherwise useless.

This base is rarely used and should be used more. It is made with Large Dirt Pile + Fences. When making this base, put the dirt piles right up to the front of the wheels, then make sure the fences are directly touching the wheels. This makes it so that instead of the front of the cannon turning, it turns the back of the cannon. The fences allow artillery to move to the front of the cannon and load it, and also see through the holes in the fences without being shot.

Fortified Houses: 1 Sapper

The fortified house base is a type of base that the "Last guy who is alive and is camping inside some random house thinking that he can clutch which can sometimes can" but here's some example on how to fortify a house.

  1. Block the entrance and the path lead to where you are (Most important)
  2. Block the windows (2nd most important)
  3. Block the staircase with spikes since it will stop enemies from going over and you can also hit them.
  4. Sometimes be very quiet can make enemy think you have gone.
  5. If the enemy is trying to get you, if it is 1:1 or 1:2 you still knock them out. If more than it, crouch in corner of wall, hold right click. You will survive, cause almost every enemy who engaged last man camping will use melee, or they blocked the one using get to get you

Tower: 1 Sapper

This simple structure maximizes firepower by raising players considerably while also protecting them.

Irregular Flanking

Strategies for Militia flankers

Partisan Rush

Get a team of four or three partisans. Make sure you are together for this to work. Then attack every enemy you see together. It makes it hard for them to survive since they will face a 4vs1 or a 3vs1. This strategy can lead you to victory if you follow the steps.

Anti-Cavalry Team

Get at least two pikemen (you and the other person). You must be in a cavalry map for this to work. Make sure you are together. Every cavalry will be scared to come towards you because they can risk of losing a horse.

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