The Spyglass is a tool issued to all officers except Cavalry officers. Its purpose is to spy upon the opposition over long distances.

Although some users consider it useless, it can be extremely useful when working with your team. Not only does it allow you to distinguish between allies and enemies, but it also can help you identify what type of enemy is there and whether your cannon shot hit or not. However, the user will have to differentiate between friend and foe manually, as there is no crosshair and therefore no 'friendly' green marker.

RobloxScreenShot20180217 120559659

Zooming with the spyglass.

  • Design: Copper or brass coloured tube with a glass lens, seemingly able to be retracted into a smaller tube by the shape of the tube. A tan coloured ring around the end of the tube.
  • Before it was patched, could glitch your spyglass to a fixed camera. But you can't zoom which ruined its effectiveness.
  • Some officers try to use this to snipe. It doesn't work and can even give away your position. Don't be that guy.

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