Smohain is a Map in Blood and Iron.


Smohain is part of the battle of Waterloo. This village was fought over the Duchy of Nassau and the French Empire. There are five main roads leading into the village, which has many small buildings.

Smohain is considered as the worst map in Blood & Iron by players due to the amount of lag found in the map. This also makes Smohain the rarest map in Blood & Iron too. The source of this lag has never been found. It may be because of the large amount of bushes, trees, and buildings. Despite the complaints, Smohain has only been removed once but has since then been returned and thus has never been removed.

Wikipedia Info

Marache, or historically Smohain, is a hamlet in the Belgian municipality of Lasne. It is located in a defile through which runs the Smohain, a stream that rises just to the west of the hamlet.

Smohain, along with the two farms of Papelotte and La Haye Sainte and the Châteaux Frischermont formed the eastern bulwark of the Duke of Wellington's Anglo-allied line during the Battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815.


This map is full of trees and bushes. While this map appears to have no cover other than the houses, the bushes can provide the role of a standard sapper construct.
RobloxScreenShot20180403 130459320

French spawn view

RobloxScreenShot20180403 130417884

Nassau spawn view

Tips and Tricks

  • Nassau spawns right next to the tower, a perfect base for sappers.
  • Watch where you are going with 3rd person mode, as the center of the map gets very confusing and can trick you into walking into the enemy teams front line solo.
  • Climbing buildings as the sapper can get you onto the bush covered barriers.
  • There is a barn-like building on the northwest/left side of Nassau’s spawn through the bushes. It makes a very good camping spot for sappers. It’s mainly good for Nassau, but the French can get there too(although the French has several other buildings for camping)
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