Not to be confused with the hammer, a tool used by sappers for constructions.

The Sledgehammer is a 2-hit melee weapon, which deals about 60–75% damage (though it is discussed on whether it deals the same damage as sapper's axe). The weapon is only given to Russian and Polish partisans. It has 2 attack directions, left and up. This weapon makes a metallic sound when hitting a person/horse.


It has a wooden handle and a detailed metal head with the front and back smaller than the middle.

Due to handle imprecision when holding the hammer, the handle begins originally thicker as it progresses to the hammerhead, becoming smaller as the handle clips into the hand. It is wielded like a Sapper axe: horizontally, in both hands.


The Sledgehammer is "mainly used for DESTRUCTION of sapper fortifications", but the tool can also serve as a weapon of mass destruction. You can never go wrong with a hammer, after all. Plus, its fun to troll with.

Pros & Cons


  • Two hit kill: about 60–75% damage per hit.
  • Sappers' fortification are quickly destroyed.


  • Slow attack speed.
  • Small hitbox.
  • Rare and only found in one class.


  • The sledgehammer is the most powerful melee weapon in the game.
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