General Information about Skirmishers and a Skirmish:

A Skirmish is a firearm fight between two factions. They are usually small fights. A Skirmisher is a Sharpshooter, who stays away from the main battle, fighting in Skirmishes. They usually attack the main enemy force, supporting the Line Infantry from far away. They usually pick up important targets, such as Officers (In real life, in Blood & Iron Skirmishers usually pick anyone who gets in their sights). They are skilled marksmen, who use more accurate and lighter muskets (in case of the Light Infantry). The Skirmishers' muskets are more accurate than the Line Infantry's, with the same or better damage stats. The Rifle is a unique weapon in the game, being it is most accurate and the most devastating (in terms of range and damage), killing most enemies at close-medium range with a shot, and enemies at long range with a shot to the head. The rifle has the longest reloading time of all firearms, to balance its devastating power. Overall, Skirmishers are better players than Line Infantry, but it really depends on the player. The "Skirmisher" class has to be used by skilled players, to compensate for their better, more accurate and damaging firearms.


Riflemen spawn with a rifle. The rifle has the highest accuracy and damage -- with a slow reload time and the lack of a bayonet. It is not suitable for close combat since it can one-shot from a long distance. It is recommended to fall back after each shot and hide in an obstacle to reload (Also known as skirmishing)


  • Highest damage;
  • Most accurate;
  • One-shot.(Except at very long-range where it deals 75% damage)


  • Long reload time;
  • No bayonet.

See Rifle for more info.

Light Infantry

Light Infantry units spawn with a Skirmisher Musket. The Skirmisher Musket (Known as the Skirmusket before the Reforged update) is a hybrid of the Musket and the Rifle. It has better accuracy and range while not sacrificing reload speed. It does, however, still suffer from low damage at long ranges.


  • Average damage;
  • Good accuracy;
  • Slightly fast reload time.


  • No bayonet.
  • Damage varies from a distance.

See Musket (Light Infantry) for more info.


It should be noted that the Russians do not have Light Infantry. You can still get a Skirmisher Musket on the Russian team by spawning as a Militia Ranker, at the expense of your sword- you either get a knife or hand axe instead.

[Skirmishers are a type of regiment. They are armed with more accurate weapons, such as the Skirmisher Musket and the Rifle. They do not have many melee options and should not engage in CQC continuously. (Note: It is appreciated if you add pictures, ty.)] (Remove this if necessary, I've written this here because I had to delete it)

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