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A sapper blocking using his axe.

The Sapper's Axe, known simply as the Axe in-game, a heavy melee weapon ideal for taking down constructs or unfortunate players. The reason this was named the "Sapper's Axe" was just to not get confused over this axe and the hand axe: the only standard unit equipped with this axe are (of course) sappers. The exception to the Sapper is the Russian partizani and Duchy of Warsaw partyzant militia unit, as their gear is randomized.


Its handle is (possibly) made out of ebony. A gold-colored capping is seen at the end and a standard axe head is fitted at the top.


Although the axe has a slower attack speed than the sword and hinders the sapper a little, it packs a punch, killing soldiers in 2 hits if they are at full health. The sapper has about the same range as a sword, and the sapper's axe can destroy most constructs faster than most other tools.

The axe is also a slow weapon and getting attacked by a fast swinging weapon can be your demise, however you can beat a soldier who is using a sword, provided you don't miss. Using a axe in stealth warfare can be a good tactic.

Pros and Cons


  • High damage.
  • Destroys constructions very fast.
  • Strikes fear into enemies


  • High startup and end lag for both attacking and blocking.
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