The Sabre is a slashing melee weapon. The sabre isn't too much different from the sword, except that the blade on the sabre is more curved than the sword. The sabre also has a different, smoother handle. Press X to go in a marching stance, without being able to attack; press X again to leave marching stance.


This weapon is only used by hussars, lancers, dragoons, all French and Polish infantry, and partisan units as their gear is randomized. To increase damage, choose a cavalry regiment and get on your horse, then try to reach a high momentum with your horse, then just slash the enemy.

Pros & Cons


  • Good damage.
  • Can block.


  • Low range, can be beaten by a stabbing weapon with higher range (bayonet, lance) if the opponent can stay out of the sword's swing distance.

Known Bugs & Glitches

  • If you switch from being on a horse to being on the ground or vice versa, the sabre can get stuck in attack mode while hitting. Solve by switching to another weapon (if possible) or by getting on/off a horse again and hitting the air.

The Dragoon's sabre.

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