The Rifle is a long-ranged weapon. It has high accuracy, but at the penalty of a long reload time (14 seconds). While the rifle may look like a musket or musketoon, it has a shorter barrel that barely exceeds the wooden frame, and is not equipped with a bayonet. The rifle is a firearm generally used in open maps, because of its long-range and high rate of damage. Rifles are able to instantly kill anyone with a headshot or make someone red if the bullet were to hit below the head from a far distance.


Long Range

The rifle is recommended on larger, more open maps due to its very high range of effectiveness. Whilst using the rifle at long ranges you should profile targets with rifles as they can snipe you. C should be used when reloading to avoid easily being picked off by enemy riflemen. Cavalry can also be a major threat should you be reloading due to your vulnerability. To avoid situations like this Cavalry should also be profiled and it may be wise to stay in areas where cavalry may have a harder time hitting you, such as behind trees, rocks, or even fortifications. Despite the rifle being the best long-ranged weapon, super long-ranged enemies may not be easily hit or possibly even survive being hit. You can avoid this by aiming for the head. Try to move around and find enemies reloading/aiming. If they are reloading, simply put the cursor over their torso (as aiming at the head usually isn't required and can be even less accurate) and fire. This will 90% of the time-kill them. If they are aiming, make sure you are in their blind spot (a bit behind 180 degrees of their line of sight) and fire at them.

Close Range

Close ranges are often where rifles can become vulnerable due to a high reload time. Although not very effective at close ranges it can still be utilized to some degree similar to a musket. An easy way to avoid dying in a close-range fight is to not reload if someone is rushing you. Often times riflemen will underestimate how long it takes to load a rifle leading to a quick death by melee weapons without any fight. Avoid situations like these by using your sword when being rushed or even just retreating out of the engagement. Many situations where riflemen get killed in close range can be avoided by never entering them and waiting for the enemy to come to you.

Pros and Cons


  • A devastating one-hit shot that is still effective at close/medium range.
  • It is the only gun that is able to drain almost all of the enemy's health to red, well beyond its furthest range.
  • The most accurate weapon in the game.
  • It is very unpredictably accurate. Someone shooting you with a rifle is always something to be aware of.
  • Great at area denial (Even if there are 15 people there, no one wants to be the first one to be shot)
  • Good cavalry repellent (When loaded and presented)


  • Long reloads that leave the user vulnerable.
  • No bayonet
  • If camouflage is lost, it may be hard to rehide again.
  • If the enemy is near and you don't have a loaded rifle, you are doomed.
RobloxScreenShot06072016 204057861

A rifleman presenting his rifle.


The rifle is cocked.

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