The Rammer is a tool used by artillery rankers to clean and load cannons. It is a long stick with a wooden block at one end and a large piece of cloth at the other. The cloth is called the sponge and is used to clean the cannon. The wooden block is called the rammer and is used to drive the shell down the barrel.


The rammer automatically decides which side to use; you have to use it before and after loading the cannon shot.

  • Hitbox: The cannons hitbox for the rammer is around the front of the barrel, and strangely, in the back of the barrel. Just click around the front/back of the barrel and tinker until you find where it is.
  • Third-person: First-person is not needed to stay in the animation, you can use third person while loading to avoid cavalry or snipers picking you off.

Reloading stages:

  • Stage 1 - Cannon has just been fired, and needs to be cleaned. In this stage, the artillery ranker needs to ram the barrel clean for the next shot to be put in by clicking on the barrel hitbox.
    Stage 1
  • Stage 2 - Cannon has been cleaned is ready to be loaded. Now, the ranker/officer can load a canister or round shot into the barrel hitbox.
    Stage 2
  • Stage 3 - Cannon is loaded, and the shell needs to be rammed down the barrel. The artillery ranker needs to ram the shell down the gun by clicking on the barrel hitbox.
    Stage 3

At the beginning of the game, the cannon will begin in stage 2.


  • In a now-patched glitch, it was common for the rammer to stop functioning.
  • You don’t have to stand exactly in front of the cannon to use the rammer, rather you can stand on the side or even a bit behind it for it to work.
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