Russian Militia aiming the pistol

Russian Partizani aiming a pistol.

French Officer

French 1e Regiment de Infanterie officer aiming their pistol.

The Pistol is a ranged weapon issued to officers and, at times, partisans by a randomized load-out. It has the shortest range out of all ranged weapons and is also the least accurate, making the gun acceptable in closer ranges. In addition, the gun can kill a player in one shot at a distance of 10 studs or lower.

Two pistols are present: the steel pistol for the officers of the 42nd Regiment of Foot, and the standard pistol found with other officers. This is only a cosmetic feature. It is smoothbore considering its terrible range and accuracy.


Close Range

The pistol is a firearm limited to close range. Despite this, the pistol is a very effective close weapon when used properly. In close range, it is possible to one-shot an enemy. Oftentimes, it is beneficial to shoot at close-range, then engage in melee to 'finish them off'.

Despite being a weapon suited for close proximity, it is common to underestimate reload time, and so many players find themselves to be vulnerable to being rushed. Aiming while moving is a function that gives an advantage over muskets/rifles, though it is possible to accidentally approach enemies, or move into the line of fire.

When reloading, the player slows down, which is convenient for an enemy to sneak upon them. It is not advised to use the pistol in large, open maps, due to its lack of damage in long range.

Pros & Cons


  • Effective in close combat; one-shot with an effective headshot
  • Able to move while reloading or aiming
  • Quick reload.
  • Good Flanking and surprising enemy
  • Instant kill at 10 studs or lower and good damage at under 30 studs.
  • Fall glitch is preventable via not unequipping the pistol whilst reloading.
  • Can make you better at aiming.
  • Useful on maps like Hougoumont, La Haye Sainte, La Rothiere, Spanish Farmstead, and any close-quarters map. Better on fenced-in towns like La Haye Sainte


  • Low range and accuracy
  • Mediocre damage and hit reliability
  • Useless at long ranges
  • Slow walk speed during reload or aim
  • If reloading, a glitch occurs where you fall down (This is horrible in most occurrences.)
  • Switching tools (e.g: melee or spyglass) might make your character trip and be rendered immobile for a few seconds

The 42nd Regiment of Foot steel pistol of an officer being presented.

Pistol Review

The standard pistol of an officer being presented.



The cocking of the steel pistol.

Pistol Ready

The cocking of the standard pistol.


The aiming of the steel pistol.

Pistol Aim

The aiming of the standard pistol.

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