The Pike is a pole weapon used by Russian militia units, Russian lancers (Cossacks) and partisans. There is one attack direction, which is a down-thrust motion. Pressing X will put the pike into a marching stance, holding the weapon upright with the right hand. It increases the speed of the player (nullifying the walk speed penalties on this weapon), compensating for its slow walk speed, but it is not possible to attack until the player presses X again, exiting the stance.


The design of the pike is a long wooden shaft with iron capping at the end and a spearhead. It resembles a Cossack's (Russian lancer) lance.


Pikes are mainly used against cavalry horses, as they instantly kill them if they're galloping at close to full speed. If it's cantering, trotting, or standing still, it will take 2 hits. It can also brace (crouching while on foot) to instantly kill any horses that come in contact with it. Pikes can be used as a combat weapon against foot infantry. However, it's close quarters ability is open to doubt, as the pike effectiveness is only at long range and is practically useless once the enemy gets past the spearhead. To make the pike an effective weapon, it should be used in conjunction with the sword. Seriously kids, don't use the pike to kill players near you, use it to kill horses instead.

Pros and Cons


  • Long range.
  • Instant kill versus horses.
  • Cannot target enemy cavalry while on a horse.
  • Easier To Kill Ground Troops Than Sword Or Sabre (Previous Writer's Opinion)


  • Slow attack speed.
  • Slower walk speed. (Unless X is pressed.)
  • Not great against people who are blocking.
  • Doesn't work well in melee combat.

Possible Pike Strategies

Portable stakes

Get a few pikes and move with your team and crouch to protect your team from cav by being a stake.

Pike Charge

Charge the enemy. Either hit them and start moving back until you can attack them again and then attack them, rinse and repeat. Or hit them once with pike and switch to your secondary.

Melee support

Stand behind a teammate(preferably one with a gun) and use your pike to defend them from attackers (Calvary attacks)

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