Flag of Nassau

The flag of the Duchy of Nassau.


The Flag of Nassau plus its army in the background.

Nassau, officially known as the Duchy of Nassau, is a faction in Blood and Iron. 

Historical Information

The Duchy of Nassau (German: Herzogtum Nassau) was a landlocked Independent German State that was located in what is now the German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. The country existed from August 30, 1806, to 23 August 1866, in which it was annexed by Prussia.

The Duchy had only 3 ruling Dukes:

The Duchy's capital was Weilburg but was changed to Wiesbaden in 1816 by William after Frederick Augustus's death in said year.

In Blood and Iron

Nassau was introduced in the Nassau update. It became the 2nd German faction to be added into the game after Prussia.

The Duchy appears in the maps Papelotte, Smohain, and Frischermont. The Faction's uniforms weren't popular due to their design.

This is the only nation that doesn't have cavalry and/or artillery.

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