Russian Musketoon

The Musketoon is a shortened musket. It is a weapon used only by dragoons and partisans. This is essentially a shorter musket, having less damage, less accuracy, and a very fast reload. This weapon is effective in close range combat, which is usually the scenario where the dragoon demounts his horse.


A Musketoon is mainly used after a Dragoon loses their horse or dismounts. It has less effective accuracy and damage than a musket or rifle but has a superior reload speed. This weapon makes up for the Dragoon's slow horse speed by making them both an able fighter on horseback and on the ground.

The musketoon is also useful at skirmishing sapper bases, only holding the entrance, (or choke point)

Pros & Cons


  • Very fast reload. ( 8 Seconds )
  • Better close range weapon than a light infantry musket.
  • Ranged Weapon for Cavalry.
  • It may deceive players to watch out for you as they may think you have a rifle. But pros may recognise the sound. And you may get outrunned by that.
  • It is very useful for close range skirmishing, or to fire off a shot before running in to melee


  • Higher drop-off damage than a Musket.
  • More inaccurate than a musket at medium range. Useless at long range.
  • No Bayonet.
  • May not even hit the enemy at close range.
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