The Light Infantry Musket is a weapon used by the Light Infantry.

It functions similarly to the Line Infantry Musket but has a slightly faster reload speed and better range in exchange for having no bayonet. The light infantry musket is available in every faction's skirmisher tab (except for Russia, it is available in the militia) and in partisan loadouts because they are randomized. It is presumably rifled considering its decent range and accuracy, however can possibly be smoothbore.

For more information on Skirmishers, check the page: Skirmishers


The design of the light infantry musket is similar to the Line Infantry musket with the absence of a fixed bayonet.


The Light Infantry musket can be used for anything really, as it is extremely effective in close quarters, and accurate enough to help support riflemen at long range if necessary.

Pros & Cons


  • Effective in groups.

Short range

  • Has good accuracy.
  • Slightly faster reload speed.
  • One-two if in close range and medium.


  • An absence of a bayonet.
  • Less accuracy and range than a rifle.


  • In the pack that CoderQwerty released the musket, rifle, pistol, and sword didn't include the skirmishing musket, but there is one skirmishing musket made by Vleltor  named "Naval Rifle"
  • Skirmishing muskets are usually mistaken for "rifles" due to similarities such as range and accuracy, but you can spot the differences from the stock, light musket has gold in the stock which the rifle doesn't.
  • The skirmisher musket had the same accuracy as the line infantry musket until CoderQwerty increased the accuracy of it in 11/12/2017.
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