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Prussian Bugler.

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Prussian Drummer.

BLOOD&IRON Musicians

BLOOD&IRON Musicians

A video of Drummers and Fifers playing their instruments (Vimeo).

Musical instruments are the main tools used by the Musician based classes, that being the Drummer, Fifer, Bugler and Piper.


Musical instruments are used to play music. There are currently 5 musical instruments in-game, one of which is exclusive to the United Kingdom and the other is exclusive to the Skirmishers and Cavalry regiments.

When any of these instruments is played, it will emit a reloading Buff to the nearest teammate when reloading. Sadly, this is the musical instrument's only use ever, as all instruments in game have the same exact use. This is generally ignored as players mainly play this to "negotiate peace" with the enemy faction or just have a dance party.

The songs that appear in the music playlist tab that appears when clicking the left mouse button depends on which faction the musician is on.

List of Musical Instruments

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