This is a list of glitches that have been documented in Blood and Iron. Patched glitches are not included.

Harmless Glitches

These glitches have little to no effect on gameplay, usually being cosmetic in nature.

Fell Over while Reloading

Sometimes when you reload and switch weapons, You end up tripping.

Frozen Cavalryman's Arm

Sometimes when your horse dies or dismounted while you are in a swinging positions, Your sword gets stuck in place.

  • You can fix it by simply switch your weapons or mount a horse.

RobloxScreenShot20200318 210052073

Dual Sword

Sometimes when switching to swords, It may get double bladed sword.

  • Only works for artillery and dragoons.


Weird handling weapons

Sometimes a player can handle weapons in a weird position.

  • If you attack while handling a weapon in a weird position, It will do the same animation as you're holding now.

Weird Cavalry POV

It is possible to glitch a cavalry POV on 1st Person.

  • To perfrom this simply crouch and mount a horse.


Translucent Materials

Sometimes when a sapper will build something and dies, It may created semi transparent materials.


Riding with Musketoon

It is possible to ride a horse with a musketoon on.

  • To perform this simply switch your musketoon during spawning time.
  • You can't shoot while riding a horse.

Minor Glitches

This list of below is a list of bugs that have a minor effect on the gameplay, usually affecting a single person or object.

Locked Doors

Sometimes when you spawn you will be unable to open doors.

Unmountable Horses

Sometimes when you dismount your horse, You are unable to remount it or any horse.

  • This can be achieved by dismounting your horse during spawning time

Unswitchable Weapons

Sometimes when you switch between weapons, It freezes and doesn't allow you to switch again.

  • This can be achieved by switching your weapons during spawning time


Sunken Horse

Sometimes when mounting a horse, It may get sunk halfway in the ground, You won't be able to ride it since its stuck.

Roblox - bug

Negative Votes

Sometimes when voting for a map, The votes a map receives become a negative number while spamming votes.

  • It can be achieved by spamming votes.
Grey Alien glitch

Grey Alien

It is possible to spawn as a grey alien. It happens when you do the secret spectator spawn glitch.

RobloxScreenShot20200507 165506915
  • You won't be able to move.



Aggressive Rammers

Sometimes the rammer acts like a sword.

  • It has 0 damage when hitting an enemy.


Sometimes when your horse dies, you will be flung at an extremely fast speed, killing you.

Stuck Horse

Sometimes when you ram a horse to a wall or a tree, It will be stuck.

  • You can fix it by simply pushing the horse.

'Unlimited' Cannon Balls

Sometimes a player can carry unlimited cannon balls. While this can remove a player's need to take cannonballs from the chests, the fact that cannons are always near said chests make this glitch largely useless.


Barrel Man

It is possible to go inside on the barrel or gabion.


Box Hiding

It is possible to climb over the boxes and hide behind them.

Cavalry Reserves

It is possible to duplicate your horse using this glitch.

  • You can up duplicate 2 - 6 horses.

Mounted Infantry [Tank]

It is possible to ride a horse like a taxi.

  • To perform this, Go towards the horse's shoulder - Crouch - Go in 3rd Person so you won't fall over. You can shoot by going on 1st Person.

Crouched while Walking [Crab]

It is possible to walk while crouched.

  • To perform this simply switch your weapons during the spawn time.
  • You won't be able to use a weapon.
  • Artillery works too when switching to rammer while having a high ping.

Major Glitches

Glitches that affect a large part of the server and often make a round unplayable and/or give a single player a large advantage.

Bridge Hiding (Riverside Encampment)

You can hide a under a bridge on Riverside Encampment without drowning

  • You can easily spotted when having a tall hat.

One Team

Sometimes when starting a new map, Everyone in the server will be put onto 1 team.

  • It can be caused when (Ex. Austria vs Bavaria then French vs Austria).


Flying Cavalry [Santa Claus]

It is possible to fly as a cavalry on the edge of the map.

  • To perform this, Spawn as a Cavalry (Preferably Dragoon) - Go to the edge of the map - Move as a parallel of the border - You will be ascending upwards.


No Clip through the Walls

Sometimes a player can go through the walls. This glitch was supposedly patched, but can still be performed.

RobloxScreenShot20200409 113942210

Different Teams

Sometimes a player appearing in a different teams.

  • Sometimes a spectator can still fight on the battlefield.


Spawning Outside of the Map (La Haye Sainte)

It is possible to spawn on the outside of the map on La Haye Sainte

  • To perform this simply reset and your teams a bunch of times until you reach the outside of the map.

RobloxScreenShot20200401 160052250
Cavalry on the Non Cavalry Maps

Sometimes a player has able to choose a cavalry on non cavalry maps.

RobloxScreenShot20200513 174400347
RobloxScreenShot20200511 204628130
RobloxScreenShot20200513 174333312

Unknown (1)-0

Stairway to Heaven

Sometimes the sapper can build large chevaux on a colour bearer's flag, allowing them to build up the heavens.

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