Line is a formation of infantry in a straight line, they are mainly used to counter the inaccuracy of the Musket. These Lines are invulerable from skirmishes and are easy to counter because the infantry in the line can be killed one by one due to how close each soldier lines up with each other.

Line Battles


Line battles rarely occur in public servers unless a group is present. The most notable thing about Line battles are how they are actually present on the battlefield. This is notable because you may never find anyone organizing a line. If you are able to find a line, most likely they may break up after a few seconds. Line Battles, however, may be more disciplined with experienced leaders.   

Line Vs. Line:

In this situation, it may be dueling groups fighting each other or organized attacks in public servers. This is rare and may be broken up when someone else is present.

Pros & Cons


  • Lines can kill lots of charging soldiers if the opposing force rushes your spawn.
  • Effective method to win the match.
  • Everyone gets buffed if everyone is together.
  • Good strategy for ways to counter the musket's inaccuracy.
  • Charges can break the enemy morale, making players in bases built by sappers run away.
  • If made up by competent players, can be a very effective counter to cavalry, as the line's participants can brace their bayonets together, then quickly overwhelm the rider.


  • Hard to organize.
  • As the members get close together when forming the line, it is easier for enemies to aim at them.
  • Cavalry can inflict heavy casualties with enough numbers and if the line's participants don't work well together.
  • High casualties if attacked from charging soldiers if everyone is reloading. 
  • Skirmishers can easily inflict damage from far away distances that the line can not easily reach.
  • Canister shots can kill everyone.
  • Anyone in the line can easily be killed by roundshots if they're bunched up.
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