Landwehr von Elbe


Landwehr von Schlesien


Landwehr von Kurmark


Landwehr von Westfalia

Landwehr are line infantry regiments. They are equipped with bayonet wielding muskets.The four regiments of Landwehr are found in the "Militia" tab of Prussia. The regiments are Landwehr von Elbe, Landwehr von Schlesien, Landwehr von Westphalia and Landwehr von Kurmark. They are essentially line infantry with a new appearance. They have blue, yellow, and red collars and cuffs. In the Bavaria update, the 2. Westphalie Landwehr Regiment was added to Prussia.

Faction Variations

Landwehr von Elbe, Schlesien, and Kurmark are the Prussian's variation of Landwehr, while Nassau also has Landwehr.


The Landwehr get randomly knifes and hand-axes,as they are militia. They have the musket with a bayonet, which has longer range than a sword. The knife is very weak if you use it to destroy structures. Officers use pistols rather than a musket, with the added ability to move. Sappers are armed with axes, which have the ability to two shot a full health player. Musicians are the same, randomly acquiring knifes and axes.


Landwehr are similar to normal infantry, except that they do not have colour bearers. They have rankers (Musket users), Officers (Pistol Users), Drummers (Plays drum music), Fifers (Plays fife music), and sappers(use axes and build.)

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