The Lance is a pole weapon, same as the pike. It is used by every cavalry lancer. It also has the same stance as the pike when pressing X. You can't attack or block if you are in that stance, so press X again to go back to attack. The lance only has one attack direction, which is down.


The lance has a black wooden pole, a metal spearhead, and a flag. Present below the spearhead is a 2-colored flag in the form of a swallowtail on the shaft. The colors are red and white for France and Warsaw, dark blue and white for Prussia, black and yellow for Austria, and light blue and white for Bavaria. Russian lancers have a brown wooden shaft and the same capping and spearhead but without the flag.


Lances are mainly used by cavalry lancers to kill enemy infantry from a further range on the horse. Generally, lances attack much slower compared to other melee weapons, so it is advisable to compensate for the weapon's startup lag when using it.

This weapon will instantly kill players at full health if the user is riding a Hussar horse at full speed.

Pros and Cons


  • Has a further range on horses.
  • Decent in medium-ranged melee.
  • Excellent for dealing with cavalry if on foot, if used properly
  • Can deal lots of damage against horses.
  • Is able to hit enemies mounted on a cavalry.
  • If on a hussar horse, will 1 hit kill anyone. (Do not know about horses.)
  • On stance, you can walk normally allowing you do evade and not be outrun by the enemy.


  • Slow attack speed.
  • Cannot kill a horse instantly, unlike the pike.
    • Can kill a horse instantly, but you have to crouch and wait for the running horse to touch the spearhead
  • Can't deal damage at point blank range.
  • Slow walking speed if deployed.
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