The Knife is a melee weapon used by the Russian Empire, Duchy of Warsaw and the Kingdom Of Prussia. Originally, the knife took 5 hits to kill a person, but it was buffed to kill a person in 4 hits. The knife has 4 attack directions. Only used by partisans and Freikorps.


The blade of the knife is one long wedge and a second shorter wedge. It looks smooth and has a birch or Buttermilk - colored handle.


Knives are used mainly in last resort situations and probably the worst weapon of choice in the game. The knife can't compare to any other melee weapons in the game, losing to them unless ambushing. Holding a knife makes you walk faster, but you cannot block with the knife. On the other hand, it has a Very fast swing speed in exchange for short-ranged attacks. Despite this, use this only when you have no option left.


The knife can glitch out giving it the ability to be blocked with.

Pros & Cons


  • Very fast swing speed.
  • Fast walk speed.


  • Short-range.
  • No blocking.
  • Low damage.
  • Very low damage against buildings
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