This is a list containing the known in-game admins in Blood and Iron. These admins were granted administrator permissions by CoderQwerty and ImperialBlood which players might encounter in-game especially when there is an exploiter present.

There is currently a text channel in the Blood and Iron Discord where you may call one of the in-game admins to your aid if there is an exploiter present in your server.

In-Game Administrators

As of now, there are six in-game administrators, all of which may be called to ban exploiters and moderate private servers during events through the Discord server found on the main page. 

  • ProtoDominium
  • spicy89989
  • lastquest
  • SoviedVonKoo
  • TheDestoryear
  • Nathan55770

Punishable Offences

There are many punishable offenses in the game, usually exploiting or purposeful round delaying.

Kickable Offences

  • Repeated spamming despite warnings given by the admin. (Preferably mute them first)
  • Harassing and flaming other players constantly with warnings given by the admin.
  • Round delaying by tent camping through the use of the glitch where players may place dirt on the ropes of the tent, Constantly riding around the map as a cavalryman avoiding the enemy soldiers with the intent of forcing a tie of the round or building onto a roof then camping and making it impossible for players on the other team to reach you.
  • Destroying someone builds, Blocking Artillery, Putting Dirt on Cannons or Shell Boxes.

Bannable Offences

  • Exploiting in any way or form includes flying, teleporting, reloading or presenting while walking, irregular speed, invincibility and etc.
  • Being known to exploit by the community and having alternate accounts used for exploiting.
  • Abusing and Spreading Glitches to others.
  • Ban Evading
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