Headdress, otherwise known as headwear, hats, or helmets in the game, are a part of the uniform that was worn by most organized regiments of the countries that participated in the Napoleonic Wars. There are several different types of hats in the game, from the common cylindrical French shakos to dragoon helmets.

Common and Notable Hats

Below are the common as well as distinctive hats of countries the appear in Blood & Iron, divided by factions.

Kingdom of Prussia

The Kingdom of Prussia mostly has stovepipe shakos with different designs depending on the regiment. The Landwehr regiments have a peaked cap, which the Germans continued to use up to the 20th century.


Regular Prussian line infantry with a stovepipe shako.


Prussian grenadiers and guard regiments had a massive plume on their shakos.


Prussian guard officer.


Landwehr with a peaked cap.

United Kingdom

French Empire

The French Empire has shakos with eagles on them and large bearskin hats for grenadiers.

RobloxScreenShot20180403 102844697

Standard french shako

RobloxScreenShot20180403 102859205

Grenadier's bearskin hat

Duchy of Nassau

The Duchy of Nassau has regular shakos with no set design patterns.

Russian Empire

Russia Hats are usually regular shakos with Bush Emblems. most of the exceptions are listed here.

2019-10-08 21-01-54

Default Line Infantry Shako

2019-10-08 21-04-43

Pavlovsky Grenaderskiy regiment hat (Grenadiers)

2019-10-08 21-05-18

Default Militia Hat

2019-10-08 21-05-37

Default Militia Pike-man Hat

2019-10-08 21-06-24

Russian Cossack Hat (Lancers)

2019-10-08 21-06-42

Russian Dragoon Hat

2019-10-08 21-04-23

Leib-Gvardii Grenaderskiy regiment hat (shako) (Grenadiers)

Austrian Empire

The Austrian Empire has regular shaped shakos as well as dragoon helmets for their line infantry and the well-known rifleman hats.


The default line infantry shako for Austria.


The Austrian rifleman hat.


Austrian artillery with a bicorne.

Kingdom of Bavaria

Duchy of Warsaw

The usual line infantry of the Duchy of Warsaw wears czapki, the same type of hats worn by most lancer regiments. (Czapki is plural for czapka). The faction also has a grenadier regiment that wears bearskin, similar to the Old Guard, as the Duchy of Warsaw was mostly a puppet state created by Napoleon. Since the partisans were unorganized, in the game, the hats vary, but the riflemen have a blank silver shako.


The common hat for Polish line infantry was the czapka.


A Polish grenadier with a bearskin hat.


Polish rifleman shako.


Partisan with a black peaked cap, also used by Prussian Landwehr troops.


Side view of the rifleman and partisan hats.

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