The Hand Axe is a small axe, originally used for chopping wood. It's pretty much the brother of the Sapper Axe–a weaker brother. Pressing X puts your character in a marching stance.

It has 3 attack directions

The hand axe is mostly a militia only weapon, being that the hand axe is given to Austrian Grenz regiments (Austrian Light Infantries), Russian militia and Partizani (Russian Militia class), Pułk Strzelców Litewskich rifleman and Partyzant (Duchy of Warsaw Militia class) and Prussian militia. You can also block with the hand axe by holding right click and releasing right click if you want to stop blocking.


The hand axe has a Brown wooden handle, with an iron capping at the end and an axe head.


The Hand Axe is mainly used as a normal sword, but with different looks.

It can actually deal more damage than the sword by a slight 5 HP. That means it can deal 45 damage to enemies. Many people do not notice this. It also, like it's bigger brother the sapper's axe, does more damage to structures than swords, which is useful when breaking down sapper bases.

Pros & Cons


  • Fast attack speed.
  • Slightly more powerful than the sword.
  • Can destroy sapper constructs and doors much faster than the sword.
  • Fast swing reload time.


  • You need to be Grenzer (Austrian Light Infantry), Militia (Russian, Prussian, and Duchy of Warsaw only), or Partisan (Russian and Duchy of Warsaw only).
  • It is unable to use the downward attack stance, which has more range.
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