This page contains the full control methods of Blood and Iron.


  • W - Forward
  • A - Left
  • S - Backward
  • D - Right
  • Left cursor key - Strafe Left
  • Right cursor key - Strafe Right
  • Mouse - Turning
  • C - Crouch
    • You can't move while in this state, but you're able to hide behind cover more effectively.
    • If you have a bayonet, pike, or lance out when crouching, you cannot turn either, but you are braced and will kill horses that touch the sharp part.


Note: Holding these 2 buttons in game for more than 3 seconds will cause the player's character to suicide. (If in a round.)

  • N - Main menu
  • M - Equipment menu



  • Left click - Cocking the gun, Firing the gun.
  • Right click - Aiming. (You can still cock a gun but it is slower to do.)
  • Click Here for a more detailed guide.
  • R - Reloading.
    • All weapons in the game only have 1 shot so it must be reloaded after 1 shot.
  • X - Readying the bayonet.


  • Left click - Attacking.
  • Right click - Blocking.
  • X - Marching stance.


Sapper's Controls:

Note: These controls both apply to Hammer and Shovel.

  • Left click - Construction, Deconstruction.
    • Pressing X will switch from construction or deconstruction to the other.
  • Right click - Opens building menu.

Musical Instruments:

Note: These controls apply to all musical instruments.

  • Left click - Stop the current song.
  • Right click - Select a song to play.

Officer's tool:

  • Spyglass:
    • Right click or Left click - zooms in.

Artillery's Tools:

  • Rammer:
    • Left click - Cleaning cannon and ramming shot.
      • Interaction (E) - Grabbing shot out of the box.
      • Left Click - Loading shot into the cannon.
      • F - Shooting the cannon


  • B - Surrendering.
    • Must be held for more than 3 seconds. Your character will raise their hands in the air and all weapons and/or items will be removed from your inventory, making you useless. (You can still ride horses if a Cavalry class, useful if someone is trying to kill you.)
  • E - Interaction.
    • For opening and closing doors, getting on horses, grabbing shots, and getting on artillery.


These are some extra tips for the less obvious details and inner workings of the game.

  • The player's character will stop moving if they're aiming or cocking the gun (except with the pistol, which instead lowers the user's walk speed).
  • Musical Instruments, Colour (Flag) and Officer give buffs. Reloading speed up, Melee swing speed up Accuracy up, in their respective order.
  • The attack stance of a weapon is determined mainly on where the user moves their mouse.
    • Ex: The player will have a sword stance of right if the player moves his mouse to the right.
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