Farmlands is a Map in Blood & Iron.


A farming field with three barns, which became a battle between France and the UK. This map supports artillery and cavalry.



A map of Farmlands, with every pixel of the image representing one stud in Roblox. The far edges of this map are the invisible border walls in Farmlands. The flags of the opposing teams are where players belonging to said team spawn. Also included is a map legend.

The map is mostly flat except for the barn and trees. One barn is completely inaccessible while the other two are filled with hay. The barns have no windows, save for one on the second floor, which is accessible from a small ramp.

Tips and Tricks

  • The United Kingdom doesn't have lancers. This gives the French Cavalry an advantage.
  • French artillery can shoot right into the lone barn.
  • Fortifying the barns as a sapper doesn't protect from cannons or weapons effective against the constructs. Be ready for a fight at any time.
  • It is possible to climb over the hay in the barns, for surprise attacks.
  • Immediately firing round shot at the enemy cannon is a good way to kill any artillerymen that might be trying to use it, thus giving your team an advantage.
  • When on cavalry, (mainly using a dragoon class) use your horse to go to the wall of the barn (mainly the sides where you meet the roof.) and make the horse look up and have it diagonal. Then dismount and then try to climb onto the roof to gain the high ground and be able to shoot enemies from above with a gun. The disadvantage is that you can't build on the roof, making yourself vulnerable to enemy fire.


  • There are 12 trees.
  • The barn next to the closed one has 20 hay bales. The one opposite the closed one has 19, and the closed one is an empty void with a grass floor.
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