The Colour Bearer, also known as a the Flagman or Color Bearer in American English, is a unit that carries a regimental Colour. The Colour will differentiate depending on what nation you are playing as, and in some cases, different French regiments have different Colours. The Colour Bearer is on the bottom right of Infantry regiment's equipment menus. The Colour Bearer has no ranged weapon and so, it relies heavily on it's team to protect it against ranged foe.


The Colour Bearer can give a special buff to everyone that is around the Flag Guard's aura. It is a very short aura, players must be as close to the Colour Bearer as possible. It is an attack speed buff which increases Melee swing speed. It can stack if multiple Flag Guards boost morale to their teammates. Two or three Colour Bearers can greatly increase the speed of sapper's axe to the point of being faster than a sword. The attack speed buff will  still affect teammates even if Flag Guard switches to sword. The attack speed buff will be displayed as a beige round circle with a red outline. Inside it will be a small brown hand (resembles a ROBLOXians arm.) and a sword with a white aura, which is suppose to present faster swinging. No one really pays attention to these boost notifiers, so be sure to inform your team to stay close to you when pushing an enemy position to make sure they take full effect of the buff.


The boost that Colour Bearer gives.


  • Many people think that the boost is something related to a "Stronger Attack," but is actually just faster swing speed.
  • You can still keep your sword out and will still give morale boost.
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