The Colour, also known as Flag or Color in American English, is the flag of a nation that are used as a tool by the Colour Bearer class. It is the only tool that varies per nation.

Contrary to popular belief, the Colour itself does not need to be held to give a melee swing speed boost. The Colour Bearer themself gives a melee swing speed boost to nearby allies, thus increasing their attack rate with melee weapons.

List of Colors

United Kingdom


British Infantry Colour.

The Colour is very similar to the official British flag, the Union Jack. But this time it has a centered shield surrounded by a flower-covered wreath. It is based on the colours used by English regiments from 1801 to 1815.

French Empire

France is the only nation so far to have 3 flags.

French Infantry Colour

French flag

French Infantry Colour.

The Design is very simple, it's the Tricolore with golden outlines near the edges of the Colour. It is based on the French Infantry colours of 1815.

French Grenadier Colour

French flag2

French Grenadier Colour.

This is more of a complex design than its brother, the French Infantry Colour. It has the Garde de la Imperiale outlining the edges of the Colour. It is based on the colours of the Imperial Guard in 1815.

Irish Legion Colour

Irish legion obverse

Irish Legion Colour.

The Irish Legion colour is different from the other two French colours, having a plain, green background instead of the usual Tricolore. The obverse of the flag has a traditional Celtic Harp in its center, with the text "L'INDEPENDANCE D'IRLANDE" below it. The reverse of the flag has the text "NAPOLEON I L'EMPEREUR DES FRANÇAIS A LA LEGION IRLANDAIS" in the center of it. It is based on the colours of the Irish Legion from 1804-1811.

Duchy of Nassau


Nassau Infantry Colour.

The Colour of Nassau has a yellow background with a Lion and wreath in the center. Inside the wreath is a blue filling covered in yellow stars. It is based on the 1806-1815 pattern of the Nassauian Line Infantry colour. This Colour is also known for being very plain, so it is quite rare to see it in-game.

Kingdom of Prussia

Real Prussian flag

Prussian Infantry Colour.

The Prussian Colour is the most complex designs for the Colours thus far. It has the Prussian Eagle holding a sword and wand. The Eagle is surrounded by a gold wreath with a golden crown on top. It has white lines going in a cross pattern. In the corners, there are small golden wreaths that are similar to the middle one with the crown. Inside it is an 8. Infanterie Regiment logo which is used with the ranker hat in the middle of the hat. It is based on the colours of Prussian line regiments after 1806.

Russian Empire


Russian Infantry Colour.

The Russian Colour is very similar to the Prussian one. In the middle, there is a wreath that has an orange filing with the double-headed eagle inside and a crown on top. It has red lines that come from all of the corners into the center; inside them, there is another wreath that is the same as the one in the middle, without the filling. It is based on the infantry colour of the Simbirsk Regiment from 1803-1813.

Austrian Empire

Austraian flag

Austrian Infantry Colour.

The Austrian Colour has a yellow background color. In the middle, there is the Austrian Eagle with a crown on top. In the edges, there are red, black and white spikes that curve around clockwise. The spikes are on all the sides except the one bordering the flagpole, as you can see in the picture. It is based on the 1804 pattern of the Austrian Ordinarfahne (Ordinary Flag).

Kingdom of Bavaria

RobloxScreenShot20180210 143043240

Bavarian Infantry Colour

The Bavarian Colour has the Bavarian lozenge pattern along its borders. In the middle is a white square with the Bavarian coat-of-arms inside. It is based on the 1808 pattern of the Barvaian Leibfarhne ("Body" Flag).

Duchy of Warsaw


Polish Infantry Colour.

The Colour has the Polish white eagle in the middle, there's also some text that reads "Wojsko Polskie Pułk Piechoty" which roughly translates to "Polish Army; Infantry Regiment". It is based on the infantry colours of the Duchy of Warsaw.

Brunswick Ducal Corps

Brunswick ducal corps obverse

Brunswickan Infantry Colour.

The Brunswickan Colour's obverse side is a blue cross over a yellow field, with an emblem featuring a horse in the center with the text "Sieg oder Tod" (lit. "Victory or Death") above it. In the corners of the Colour, there are 4 other emblems that feature an Ouroboros. The reverse side of the Colour is a simple horizontal tricolor with yellow on top, blue in the center, and yellow on the bottom once more. The coat of arms of the Duchy of Brunswick is in the center, surrounded to what can only be assumed to be some sort of noble crest in the corners. It is based on the Herzogfahne (Duke's flag) of the 1st Line Battalion of the Duchy of Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

Pros and Cons


  • The Colour Bearer gives a swing speed buff, instead of the Colour itself. Even if the Colour is unequipped, the buff still affects other team members.
  • Very large and see-able to teammates, thus helpful if you are trying to regroup your team.
  • Gives a little flair when your team is crashing into the enemy fort with those shiny bayonets.


  • Takes up the space of a possible firearm.
  • Very large and see-able to enemies.


  • When pulling out Colour of any nation, crouch right after pulling out flag and you will be able to walk while crouching, known as the "Crab". Can be an advantage when behind small walls as your small hitbox makes shooting you harder. You can only equip the Colour when doing this glitch, however, as switching to your sword or sabre will cause you to stop the glitch. (The lower your graphics level is, the easier to glitch is too perform.)
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