Cavalry is a type of soldier. It's the only class which can mount horses. Cavalry have more speed than ground troops, but at a disadvantage of lacking ranged weapons.

All three classes of cavalry (ranker, officer and bugler) regardless of nation deploying them, have either a sword or a sabre.

All nations except the Duchy of Nassau have access to Cavalry units on certain maps.



Screenshot 2

A French Empire 1er Regiment de Hussards.

This class of cavalry has the fastest horse out of the three classes, however lack the ability to carry other weapons.

Hussar officers are equipped with the same load-out as their ranker counterparts, and buglers are equipped with a sabre/sword and a bugle.

Picking the Bugler class with the hussar is one of the few ways to fix the infamous mounted sword bug (Where a sword or sabre becomes stuck when mounting or dismounting a horse)

Hussars are generally the best anti-cavalry class, largely because of their speed being able to outmaneuver other cavalry classes, often beating lancers and dragoons due to this fact.


Screenshot 3

A French Empire lancer

This class of cavalry has a horse with mediocre speed, faster than the Dragoon but slower than the Hussar. Rankers are equipped with a sword/sabre and a Lance, able to instantly bring down incoming horses if both the lancer and the opponent are galloping at full speed. A lancer that is on a hussar horse is able to instantly kill any player that has full health as long as they are moving at full speed.

The United Kingdom do not have lancers in their roster.

Lancer officers only have a saber, and buglers have a saber and a bugle while still having a lancer type of horse. A lancer bugler or officer would is less efficient than hussars when fighting cavalry and infantry.


Screenshot 4

A French Empire dragoon.

Dragoons have the horses with the slowest speed, however, is compensated with a Sabre and a Musketoon, a shorter-barreled version of the musket. The musketoon is only usable while the rider is dismounted.

Dragoon officers have a pistol and a sabre, while buglers have a saber and a bugle. Note that dragoon officers do not provide the accuracy buff.



  • Hussars - 1er Regiment de Hussards
  • Hussars - Chasseurs a' Cheval de Garde
  • Hussars - Grenadiers a' Cheval de Garde
  • Lancers - 4e Chevau-Leger Lanciers
  • Lancers - 1e Cheavu-Leger de Garde
  • Lancers - 2e Chevau Leger de Garde
  • Dragoons - 5e Regiment de Dragons


  • Hussars - 1. Lieb Husaren
  • Hussars - 3. Husaren
  • Lancers - 1. Ulanen
  • Dragoons - 2. Dragoner


  • Hussars - Husaren Regiment Nr. 5
  • Lancers - Ulan Regiment Nr.1
  • Lancers - Ulan Regiment Nr.2
  • Lancers - Ulan Regiment Nr.3
  • Lancers - Ulan Regiment Nr.4
  • Dragoons - Dragoner Regiment Nr. 1


  • Hussars - Sumskoy Husarskiy Polk
  • Lancers - Donskoy Kazachiy Polk
  • Dragoons - Kievskiy Dragunskiy Polk


  • Hussars - Freiwillige-Husaren
  • Lancers - Ulan-Regiment
  • Dragoons - Licht-Pfred-Regiment

Nassau: Not Applicable

United Kingdom:

  • Hussars - 10th Regiment of Hussars
  • Hussars - 1st Regiment of Hussars KGL
  • Hussars - 1st Regiment of Guard Cavalry
  • Hussars - 2nd Regiment of Guard Cavalry
  • Dragoons - 1st Regiment of Dragoons


  • Interestingly, if someone is holding a musket in bayonet mode and crouches next to a horse, the horse will die instantly.
  • Prussia and France have similar designs for their hussars, causing large confusion sometimes.
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