The Branch is a two-hit kill weapon, similar to the axe. It is also the most ironic weapon in the game because despite being a stick, it's one of the most powerful weapons in-game. It is also worshiped as a holy relic by the B&I community, and wielded by partisans as such.

It is only obtainable using Partisan class but is not always given.


The branch resembles a large wooden log, with a grey-brown hue.


The branch is suited for close-range combat. It has a slow hit speed, but it is capable of taking out wounded enemies in a single hit. It isn't effective against sapper constructs such as barricades and Chevaux de frise. It still makes a good melee weapon overall even with slow hit speed.

Pros & Cons


  • Two-hit kill.
  • Extremely intimidating


  • Low damage to doors and constructs.
  • Slow swing speed.
  • Very rare, only given to the Russian and Polish Partisan Regiments
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