• The Nostalgia Critic Roblox

    If you are pissed off at angey replies that i gave you or are pissed off at what i do, you may leave your comments and responses down below in the comment section. 

    Have A Great Day...............(Bitch)

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  • JustSomeGuy1231235

    discord and stuff

    September 18, 2020 by JustSomeGuy1231235

    got banned from the game.. for exploiting lol though i really do like the game so i went over to the discord to appeal and they almost instantly banned me from the discord;-;


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  • Boopstrr

    Hacker: DISPOSABLE098

    September 7, 2020 by Boopstrr

    I caught this guy (DISPOSABLE098, which is probably a throwaway account) hacking in-game. I have video of it. and I'm just wondering where I would go to report this Video of him hacking on youtube:

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  • Squeakypenguin

    uh huh uhuh u

    July 25, 2020 by Squeakypenguin


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  • NowDoTheShakies

    Some Glitches in Blood and Iron

    Hi! This is my first blog, and here is a few glitches I know!

    1.  Sideways Torso The sideways torso is a glitch that can be done by slashing with the RIGHT slash and quickly switching to your secondary item. This has to be done as soon as your torso turns to the right. Or you can become a cavalry, jump off your horse, quickly slash, wait for your torso to turn right, and then ride the horse. Chances are, your torso is going to be sideways.

    2. Barrel Man The barrel man is a glitch that can be done by positioning yourself in front of a barrel, bumping into it. Then you go out of 1st person and go into 3rd person, and position your camera BEHIND the player. Then activate shift lock mode. Chances are, you will telep…

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  • Realqwerty64

    These should not be on the wiki as they ruin the game for everyone. Someone that posts how to do an unpatched exploit will be punished accordingly. Just use your mind for when you edit an article.

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  • DudeDontbeToxic

    New Update???

    April 15, 2020 by DudeDontbeToxic

    I went to a server pretty small, and a guy said that they could be adding the kingdom of spain and portugal. I did not really believe him so I just want to know, is this true?

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  • DudeDontbeToxic


    April 15, 2020 by DudeDontbeToxic

    Oh man I hate this right now, Blood and Iron servers are down nobody is playing only like 20 people. 

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  • Tombstone1899

    I made a wiki.

    April 11, 2020 by Tombstone1899

    Hello everyone, I just made a wiki. It's still very W.I.P, but I hope other will contribute to it. The wiki is for a game called Hot Dogs, Horse Shoes, & Hand Grenades. Hope that anyone that can help, will help. :)

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  • Noobbatta's Clone

    So, to start it off, this how I used to express my boredom. We are going to talk about the partisan.

    The partisan is a creature primarily native to Russia and Warsaw. The partisans are usually social, most of them bunching up to protect one another. The partisan can be highly dangerous to other creatures, such as the organized rankers. However, they can still be mowed down.

    A defense of a partisan is very limited. Each partisan have randomized weapons to kill the enemy. Some lucky partisans receive a firearm, while another partisan gets a musketoon. They only get two weapons to fend off the enemy with.

    Most of the partisans believe in the one deity called the holy branch. If a partisan bears it, he is sometimes praised, or the partisan goes o…

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  • Tombstone1899

    Thats it, I created the Reloaing page because I hope that some noob who doesn't know how to reload will come to that page and be happy instead of what happens most of the time, which is someone tells the noob to hit Alt + F4 and the noob does it. I want to improve the standard of living for the noobs.

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  • The Nostalgia Critic Roblox

    Hello Everyone ! 

    This Is My First Blog Post On This wikia about Blood And Iron and it's going to be about the frequency and times a map has been played in a server (from the times i have played the game) Anyway Here Is My Opinion on what i think is the Most Played Maps and Least Played Maps in blood and iron. (Starting with The Most Played ! )

    1 :Bridge Of Arcole: Most Of The Times i played this game i join on a new server it is this map and in a way i can see why it is fun to play 

    2 :Plancenoit: A Prussian Favourite as it seems that It's Just too hard for France to win here

    3.Grasslands: ..........................................................................................................................................................…

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  • Noobbatta's Clone

    Ight guys, im really bored. Make a cheese block profile for me so I can use it, and yes credit. Not gonna really blow up.

    -Requirements Ms paint Profile appropriate size

    -Design Use the smooth smoother sided rectangle and the draw tool.

    It should something like that above.

    Well see ya

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  • Noobbatta's Clone

    Ok the last blog post about me quitting was supposed to be satire, and not real. But now, it almost became a reality. I've always wondered if im going to quit or not. How would people feel? How will I feel?

    But one thing is for sure. I may quit.

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  • Cringeface1O1

    Discord Ban Appeals.

    February 17, 2020 by Cringeface1O1

    Any know how to get unbanned from the B&L discord, if so DM me directly cringeface1o1#9694. (falsely banned and its been 3 - 2 years)

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  • Noobbatta's Clone

    Im back fams.

    December 10, 2019 by Noobbatta's Clone

    I rose from the dead. Ill be editing here time to time.

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  • Realqwerty64

    fandom discord

    November 6, 2019 by Realqwerty64

    i made a discord for this fandom

    see you there

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  • Realderpy64

    Own poll

    November 4, 2019 by Realderpy64

    Current one:

    RQ64's one: 

    Thanks for voting lads. I won't vote (or try to anyways)

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  • Realqwerty64

    So I chosen that our community needs a new image... here it its

    Here it is.

    Derp man, can you change the current one to this?

    thanks, realqwerty64

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  • Realqwerty64

    Let’s face it. Most of our articles sway to one side or another.

    Let’s change all that. Slice them down the center and make them sound like Wikipedia ( or ish, they can’t always get perfect.)

    Change what you can. Add what you can. Do what you can.

    Let’s also change the grammar and spelling. (Hello autocorrect)

    Add images. The hats page has been rotting. Make YouTube videos about the game. Strive to have this game back in this glory days.(flag rush, soup, you name it)

    Take the stand with me. Tackle everything. Delete the unneeded.

    Do it.

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  • DeFlyinDutchman

    The Battleship

    September 2, 2019 by DeFlyinDutchman

    Check out my article

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  • Noobbatta's Clone

    might quit

    August 25, 2019 by Noobbatta's Clone

    school is coming and oh no I might be on the verge of quiting

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  • Noobbatta's Clone

    yeah, i'm back, after a long day with tls errors. you guys got anything for me?

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  • Noobbatta's Clone


    July 16, 2019 by Noobbatta's Clone

    I am currently on this account now for some time. Forgot the password but I think i'll be okay like this.

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  • MrChxiecals

    No point if Coder is leaving.

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  • ElySioNs

    If you go to CoderQwerty's profile and check his "about" section, it says: "I am no longer working on Blood & Iron" Does this actually mean he has abandoned the game forever or does it mean he won't be working on B&I for a while? What do you think the fate of B&I will be?

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  • Realqwerty64

    I think this will be helpful. Pardon my mistakes.

    Starting off with the places coderqwerty made for the game The game itself The development server (can close though)

    These are also made by coder but cannot be accesed through his/her's profile The experiments coder made before adding equipment, horses etc. Appears to be ideas of structures for the game

    Now for the fanbase games, there are lots more, but im putting the more notable ones here. reccomended will be offset. Still, they are worth getting looked at.

    •  https://web.roblo…
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  • Realqwerty64

    Perfect death

    May 27, 2019 by Realqwerty64

    This happened on roblox with a good friend on the platform. friend does not want thier name disclosed.

    I was a Bugle and my friend was a sapper. any funny deaths lately?

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  • Xddddddlmaos

    Knife has many reasons why knife is good. 

    1. It could be used to finish off an enemy quickly, if used correctly.

    2. If you are partisan and have branch,and knife, use the branch to hit the enemy once, then use the knife quickly.

    3.Make noob enemies come towards you and are dumb enough to miss you, thus making it easy for knife to get kills.

    4. Fast hitting speed, advantage if used correctly. 

    5.You can make silent hits with knife. 

    6. Perfect against pikes,lances, and sappers. 

    7. It's a perfect meme weapon. 

    8. Circling pikemen,lancers,bayonets with knife has slow attack speed, thus making knife easy to pick of enemies .

    Knife is good in my OPINION, what are your thoughts.?

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  • Noobbatta

    Battle of Jim's Ear

    May 22, 2019 by Noobbatta

    Yeah, I got bored, so here you go. and blog post that was inspired by a sort of event. Yes, it was actually fought because a Spanish captain sliced an British captain ear. So, here's the story.

    Today, I have been conscripted into the british army. Now, the first battle of an hell hole. An British sea captain's ear got chopped. We were overseas.

    Along our way into Spain, we took the hard way, basically the plan was, according to major, was to take foot on French soil. I didn't have a clue or two, but I thought we hade to devastate the French. Seems fine.

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  • Jojoguru

    The removers

    May 5, 2019 by Jojoguru

    I am wondering, why.


    why do I get my edits deleted.

    do they need to be Wikipedia-like ?

    what do they need to not get deleted ?

    what ?

    many other people have problems like this.

    sometime, they delete my photos

    sometime, they delete my page that I spend 1 hour on.

    and the worst thing is they have deleted a page called " light musket tips and trick " by me

    what in the world is wrong with these peoples.

    they just click backspace and destroy everything.

    deleters, show yourselves, you will get a brief explainations why to not be it.

    to be or to not be, that is the question.

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  • Fifa World Cup 2002 Roblox

    Here Are Some Map Ideas For Roblox Blood And Iron

    Here Are Map Ideas That I Have recently thought of for Roblox Blood And Iron

    Here Is The Battle Of Spanish Coast with The United Kingdom And Spain which i hope will be added into the game when Spain gets added

    This Map Is Very Hilly and filled with A Few Slightly Big Hills where Sapper can build bases and people can snipe from

    This Map is Located near Gibraltar and in a fictional scenario where The United Kingdom defends A Gibraltar Base from Advancing Spanish Forces

    Battle Of Spanish Coast . Calvary

    . Infantry

    . Artillery

    Here Is The Battle Of The Trenches Which will be Between France And Prussia which is located Amiens , France in a fictional scenario where Prussia Advances Heavly into France but…

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  • Noobbatta

    Pikemen life II

    April 20, 2019 by Noobbatta

    basically, you see my alt posted (me) a sort of documentary. So, i'll continue it for him.

    The habitat of an typical pike men is usually rough, if you are talking about the condition or the comfort. Usually, they would live in ruins, along with similar hominids such as a partisan or a irregular.

    Such is life.- Ned Kelly, upon execution.

    Being a pike man isn't really the peaceful life you'd expect. You just chill And a freaking pack of hussars chase you. Male pike men try to defend their home, but others either flee or die. Currently they are vulnerable

    Food isn't very known to the pike men. Usually, they'd eat meat originating form either the horse or the human.

    Predators are a major threat to the pikes. here are some few.

    Hussar, or any horse t…

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  • AllowMan

    Ah, life is cruel as an pikemen, such as being a alt of noobbatta.

    The pikemen live in many ways. houses, camps and more

    If it is under threat, it retreats to the nearest defensive place.

    "Such is life."- Ned Kelly

    Being a pike isn't the simple way. Predators such as the infamous hussar chase you around.

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  • GodzillamanTheGamer

    Ok, this is my first blog so I might not be used to writing properly as I'm using my phone to write it.

    Do you guys want any changes or updates to the game that is very important. Comment them down so that I can suggest them to the Blood And Iron discord server. 

    However there are some criteria for you suggestion,

    1. Your suggestions need to have logic and common sense. It has to be Napoleonic War related which means no suggesting machine guns or whatever stuff that does not make sense.

    2. No explicit suggestions. I don't want to look at NSFW stuff. 

    That's all I wanna say folks, bye!


    GodzillamanTheGamerGodzillamanTheGamer (talk) 06:20, April 18, 2019 (UTC)

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  • MrChxiecals

    Some insight: The Norte Dame was built in 1169. Designed by the Bishop Of France, damaged during the French revolution. (Ah. Hem.) Survived WW1 and WW2 until today.

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  • NabilSyahmi

    This is my theory about the Blood & Iron maps.Most of the maps in Blood & Iron like Placenoit,Smohain and Hougoumont are infact a real place and battle that take place in the Battle Of Waterloo.

    When I watch about the Battle Of Waterloo on youtube and TV,there are some small battle that have a familier place on it.There is a battle of La Rothier Field IRL as same in the game which involved Austrian and French.Same as the Battle Of Placenoit,Smohain,La Haye Sainte,Steppe,Frichermont,The Road To Smolensk and Unterlaicling which most or some of it are involved with French that on the journey to take Turkey,Russian which the other faction against French team up.These place such as River Encampment didnt have connection between any war during th…

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  • Noobbatta

    So, I got a bit bored and i'm ready now. YEET

    Meanwhile, as I was socializing with my friends, asking where the next shipment will come. I was in a basic lack of cheese. However, since we didn't have a bright supply of food as always. we just called it a day.

    i'm gonna update this post

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  • Noobbatta

    quiting blog posts

    April 2, 2019 by Noobbatta

    come to say of it, i'm gonna stop making sum posts for unknown reason. well some reasons would be that TOO MUCH POPULAR E̵̡̨̲̘̮̥̞̤͎͗́̽́̆̽͌̆̽̚͘ ̵̢̢̛̰̞͔̘̮͍̏̌̈́̌͠EEEEEE so? bub bye, last blog post ;)

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  • Noobbatta

    well, some sort of book I say so uh. buckle up. get the pop corn and scroll over. anyways, lets go.

    I went over to set up my soup shop in the cool forest. building with wood on the outside, dang it looks bad. but then, I pour the tasteless broth instantly in the gabion right when I made that comment. Looking over to my old guard regiment, they look hungry, I better get going. I then grasp on to the carrots, carefully cutting them into orange cylinders. I finished cutting and then I moved the cutting board closer the gabion. With my knife, I drew it closer to the broth, and then no more of those cylinders. Awhile I was busy cutting some of those small feather-like leaves out of the celery, I hear music. Frankly, it has come to me, boosting …

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  • Noobbatta

    Blood and Iron

    March 24, 2019 by Noobbatta

    now you see kids, games are dying. R.I.P Your fav games. Blood and iron? Well, to say this. I'm not glad. but it is dying slowly. Sure, users still visit this wonderful game. but it is losing its fans. Well. what can we do to get it back on its legs?

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  • MrChxiecals

    Having played B&I since 2014, I've seen many changes. But to an unfortunate thing which happens, people age. So this game will age. And it looks to me some maps are well, completely dead. Maps like Sholmain and Wooded Crest are in fact never chosen. It's frustrating when you want a good map and you get encampment which means campers are gonna be at bay? Well. It's just a shame, isn't it? 

    About Ford: Played since 2014. Actual account made in 2017. Multiple accounts made in 2016 and 2013. Novice Game developer and proud B&I Enthusiast. (Lancer who loves hussars horses for their typical 7 kill streak with a lance.)


    Grasslands are okay I guess... My lance and hussar horse attack is pretty effective but as a skirmisher, without cover... …

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  • Voicedparadox

    Cavalry hunting

    March 16, 2019 by Voicedparadox

    Personally, I find it that cavalry is quite annoying to hit and kill. I suppose I will write a few tips for slaying those vengeful horses here.

    If you take out a lance, pike or bayonet and crouch with 'c', you will brace. Any horses that run into your weapon will be slain instantly. However, as horse riders tend to be able to land one last mounted hit on the bracing player, I suggest you face the left of the rider and brace ( all units in B&I are right-handed), thus preventing a charging hussar from turning that lucious green HP bar into a ghastly red one, allowing him to finish you off (avenge his fallen horse comerade).

    The above strategy works with othe melee weapons too. Simply sidestep to the rider's left and maim his horse every time h…

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  • Noobbatta

    Inactivity Notice

    March 11, 2019 by Noobbatta

    Some users, persons of which are inactive or in this case, their account is dead. Mostly, I encourage you to be more active and create/edit pages.

    If you don't want to add a pages, try making a blog post.

    Try to get the key to the wiki badge, as it convinces you to get up, and start typing.

    Other badges make you active for some time, and then you are inactive due to mass boredom.

    Now, you could try to add a joke weapon in Weapon Ideas, just for fun. If you wanna go a bit hard on it. Try editing the types of players.

    Dead persons/inactive users are the big sad. Most people I surely see have made good edits or pages are quite ded. Now, this is upsetting kiddos, ;-; pls edit or make a page

    Few days, or in a week, I will go inactive for a month.

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  • Noobbatta

    Horse Hunting 101 (2)

    March 10, 2019 by Noobbatta

    You guys, loved it. i'm going to give you this one. More than classes, its going to be some tricks and tips.

    An horse is coming, but its coming quick? Its gonna hit you. As you sit there, the rider hopes to hit you. Then you move to the left. SIKE@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This tricc is simple as you just stand there, boosting their morale and SWOOSH!

    Go to a ruin and surround it with stakes, and some other things. Easy. Wait for an horse and watch it get oofed.

    Discord group is needed, as well 5 people. 1 Officer 4 Bayonet attached guns 4 infantrymen 4 crouching infantrymen You basically form a good boi wall but that wall you made has walls made of flesh meat boi Well, and some dirt, sandbags with 3 health. and u r done m8

    y lord, y? Well. u actuall…

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  • Realqwerty64

    I want to make sure the admins and other people know this so we can work on it over time

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  • ElySioNs

    So if you check out Coder's inventory(shirts and pants) you can see that there are new uniforms:!/shirts

    Coder also changed the description of his B&I Development Server which says "Die Schwarze Legion nahert sich!" I translated it using Google Translate and it means "The Black Legion is approaching!"

    I think the new faction is Duchy of Brünswick but I am not really sure. I don't really know too much about the Napoleonic Wars so if you know what faction it might be, feel free to correct me!

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  • Prankster4343

    Coder is active again and the new nation is going to be Brunswick. The way I confirmed this is I looked on his profile and I saw uniforms and decals for the new faction. I am a bit disappointed that he isn't going to add Spain first, but maybe that might change in the future. Tell me what you think about this new development down below. 

    Die Schwarze Legion nähert sich!

    Update 1: I looked at the development server and I found out that Brunswick may not be the new nation. It just says he is adding the Brunswick Ducal Corps and he didn't specify it as an independent nation. Maybe Spain is going to be added after all?

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  • Noobbatta

    u got me rite?

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  • Noobbatta

    how to kill a soup seller

    January 31, 2019 by Noobbatta

    I know, its hard to kill a soup seller with nothing but a gun, and a sword. But one way is to just lure them. Pretend you are just walking around, starving. And you'll see an fellow Soup seller! Order some sort of soup. If you cant come up with any type of soup here are some. Chicken soup Horse soup Hat soup. Now, as if he's making the soup, dropping the berries, carrots, celery and some more. Then you go Rambo and legit damage his shop If you that the sapper will come out to swing a ax to your face. Run as fast you can, The fact that the sapper wont risk his life to kill you, try to disturb him even more. To the point most of his base is reduced to a corpse of blocks. He'd then try to find a new base, but you following him will disturb …

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