This is a list of glitches that have been or have not been fixed. These glitches can work to your own advantage during gameplay if executed correctly. (Gamebreaking glitches are excluded to prevent ruining the game)


This list of below is a list of bugs that are known in the game.

No E button

Sometimes when you spawn, You are unable to open doors , Mount a horse or artillery.

Unswitchable Tools 

Sometimes you are unable to switch weapons if you are switching weapons in a start of a spawning time, Switching immediately your sword after finishing ramming the artillery or sometimes you trip over and mount a horse at the same time.

Frozen Sword 

When your horse dies or dismount a horse while you are in a swinging position, Your sword gets stuck in place. You can fix it by simply switch your tools or mount a horse.

One Team 

When starting a new map, Everyone on the server will be put onto 1 team. This can only be happened when you're on the same team in the last map and the team has been switched to the other side of the Leaderboard (Ex. Austria vs Bavaria then French vs Austria).

Sunk Horse 

When mounting a horse, It may get sunk halfway in the ground, You won't be able to ride it. 

Dual Swords 

If you are a dragoon, You may able to execute by switching to your sword while you are reloading and then mount a horse.

Negative Votes 

When voting for a map, The votes a map receives become a negative number while spamming votes.

White Laser 

When you shoot and then switch to your sword at the same time, You may created a white laser.

Lowered Cavalry Camera 

When you crouch and mount a horse, The camera will be in your torso on 1st Person. To fix this simply dismount then crouch again.

Sword Rammer or Shell 

Sometimes you can hit someone with a rammer or shells, But it deals 0 damage. 


Sometimes when your horse dies, You can be flung at an extremely fast speed or clip through underground, Killing you.

Stucked Horse 

When you ram a horse to a wall or a tree, It will be stuck unless when you push it under the horse's throat.

Ghost Materials 

When a sapper will build something and dies or holding right click on materials list and switch tools, It may create semi transparent materials.

Weird Handling Tools 

Sometimes your tool acts like your other tool.


Sometimes a dragoon can get conjoined by the horse together if you do the dual sword glitch

Sideways Body 

You can do the sideways body by simply swinging your sword and switching to your gun at the same time, You won't be able to see it to your own perspective view but other can see you with a sideways body, If you're cavalry do the steps but mount your horse instead switching your gun, Your 2 arms will attached to your right sidebody.

Modern Artillery 

You can put shells or reload in the knob of the artillery for more protection.

Stucked Horse

When you ram a horse to a wall or a tree, it will be stuck until you push it under its throat.


Sometimes when you stand up on the horse, It will bounce you off.


As a rifleman, When you reload while ramming the bullet and you move, Your character will salute.

Broken Arms Surrenders 

When you aim in any direction with your gun or if when you ramming the bullt then you surrender. Your arms are not handing up instead they point other direction.

1 Handed Cavalry 

When you slash your sword, then immediately mount a horse. Your left arm is not attached to your body.

Levitating Shells 

When you surrender as an artilleryman then pick up the shells, The artilleryman will hold the shells, but his hands up so instead he levitate the shells.

Flying Cavalry 

When you move parallel border of the map using cavalry, You will be ascending upwards.

Barrel Man 

When you lean the barrel towards you in 3rd person then look behind in 1st person, You will go through the barrel.

Corner to the Wall ✔

W hen you block your weapon in the corner, You usually won't get killed unless someone shoots you or hits you.


Crates Hiding ✔

When you jump on top of the crates, then slip though behind it or shift lock, You sometimes won't get killed unless someone do the same.

Clipping ✔

You can actually clip through walls when you reload and trip over. I'm not giving more information about it

Cavalry Reserves

Cavalry Reserves ✔

You can duplicate horses when resetting during spawning time.

Crouch while Walking ✔

When the character have been spawned immediately switch your tools. Your tools will be disappear and you can walk while crouching. As an artilleryman simply slash your tools, Then immediately mount a cannon then dismount it, Or Equiping the sword then quickly change your tools and crouch.

Mounted Infantry ✔

You can ride a horse with 2 people by going on top of the horse's shoulder and go in 3rd Person so you won't be able to fall over.  

Tree Climbing ✔

You can actually climb a tree using sapper builds, Some trees have Ragdoll detectors if you climb on, To bypass this is to put sandbags on the branches so you won't get tripped over.


Spawning Outside of the Map ✔

When you reset a bunch of times in french team at La Haye Sainte, You ended spawn at outside of the map.

Super Sapper ✔

Sometimes a sapper can build 2 hits instead of 1


Unlimited Cannon Balls ✔

You can actually carry more cannon balls by mounting a cannon, then go towards the box of shells and grab it. Do this again until you have enough. You can't switch your weapons.

Infinite Reload

As an Artillery Officer, If you mount a cannon with a pistol loaded. Your Pistol become unloaded

RobloxScreenShot20200528 173216391

Stairway to Heaven ✔

RobloxScreenShot20200615 205801367
You need a sapper and a flag. Then the sapper will build on top of the flag with large chevaux and repeat until they have reached the top of the map.


Ceiling Man ✔

You can make your head stuck on the ceiling by going through your neck at the ceilings using stairs. You can move by aiming your gun.

Enhanced Cavalry Handling ✔

There's 1% Chance that you can drift your horse easily by resetting during spawning time.

Conjointed Horses

Sometimes the 2 horses will go inside together by resetting during spawning time.

Cape ✔

When you ride a horse that has a dead body in the saddle, The dead body will become your cape.

Door Man

Sometimes the Big door is gonna crush your head when you hit it.

La Rothiere Church Secret Room

There's a secret room in La Rothiere Church that can only be entered using noclip glitch

Double Pistol Bullet

As an Artillery Officer. When you shoot your pistol and mount a cannon immediately, After dismounting you can shoot your pistol again. It only works once.

Table Glitch

When you reload and trip over, You can go under the table

Patched Glitches

This list below is a list of glitches or bugs which are patched bugs in the game. This Patched Glitches are only been added for evidence

Tent Camping ~ Patched ✔

You can put dirt on ropes in the tents so it makes harder to enemies to go in unless when the enemy have a sapper.

Stair Glitch ~ Patched ✔

You can go inside of the stairs in Hougoumont using the barrel glitch.

Twins ~ Patched ✔

Sometimes when spawning the 2 player is conjoined together by their arms, The 1 player can able to walk and the other one can only use his arm.

Invisible Shield ~ Patched ✔

You can block and attack at the same time when you hold block then mount a cannon or a horse and dismount it.

Walking Dragoon ~ Patched ✔

You can walk while shooting as a dragoon when you aim and cock your musketoon then crouch.

Unstable Horse ~ Patched ✔

Sometimes when dismounting your horse, Your horse will keep moving away from you and teleport to its previous position making it hard to get on again or take cover.

Wall Banging ~ Patched ✔

You can hit someone through the wall.


Thick Dirt ~ Patched ❌

When you put dirt at the dead horse saddle the dirt will float

Window Clipping ~ Patched ❌

You can actually noclip through windows by going on Shiftlock then walk it off.

Not Spawning At Wooded Crest ~ Patched ❌

When spawning At Wooded Crest, sometimes you may not spawn but mostly it only happens to Austrian Empire.

Grassy Invincibility ~ Patched ❌

If you stay in the grass on the map La Haye Sainte, You won't be able to be die.

Backward Tools ~ Patched ❌

This used to happen every single time whenever you switch tools.They show up backwards and work as if they were backwards.

The Jiggling Dead ~Patched ❌

Sometimes when the player is killed, they will have one leg behind and one leg in front while the head and body stand. The corpse will then turn in circles and bounce around the ground erratically.


Flipping Artillery ~ Patched ❌

When you perform this glitch, The cannon will flip sideways.

Pistol Scope ~ Patched ❌

You can view spyglass and shoot pistol at the same time as a artillery officer by simply using the spyglass then switch to pistol.

La Haye Sainte

La Haye Sainte Secret Room ~ Patched ✔

Theres a secret room in La Haye Sainte that can only be entered using the noclip glitch

Spectator Glitch

Living Spectators Glitch ~ Patched ✔

You can fight while being on spectator team, Since its patched i will spread the glitched to all. When the map ends on the right timing before the map vote starts immediately press the N button, and now you are on the main menu screen, wait until the round starts (You will be spawned even you're on the main menu screen). You are now on the spectator team. You need to do this on the same team (French in last map then French on new map) or your character will become gray.


Cavalry/Artillery on Non Maps ~ Patched ✔

You have to be cavalry or artillery then do the living spectator glitch.

Grey Alien glitch-0

Gray Character ~ Patched ✔

If you do the living spectator glitch on different teams (French in Last map then British on new map) You will become gray. You can't move or do anything.

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