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Tools of Blood & Iron.
Main Article Weapons and Tools
Sapper Tools HammerShovel
Instruments FifeHornBagpipeBugleDrum
Other Tools RammerColourSpyglass
Miscellaneous Weapon Ideas
Maps in Blood & Iron.
Main Article Maps/Battles
France VS United Kingdom FarmlandsHougoumontLa Haye Sainte
France VS Prussia PlancenoitGrasslandsRiverside Encampment
France VS Nassau PapelotteSmohainFrischermont
France VS Russia La RothiereSteppeFrozen Forest
France VS Austria La Rothiere's FieldsBridge of ArcoleWooded Crest
Bavaria VS Austria UnterlaichlingHilltop OutpostFoggy Marshland
Warsaw VS United Kingdom Spanish Farmstead
Warsaw VS Russia Road To Smolensk
Warsaw VS Austria Falenty
France VS Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg Iberian Harbor
Miscellaneous Map Tactics
Nations in Blood & Iron.
Main Article Nations
France and Allies FranceBavariaWarsaw
Coalition Powers United KingdomPrussiaNassauRussiaAustriaDuchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Miscellaneous Nation Ideas
Weapons of Blood & Iron.
Main Article Weapons and Tools
Ranged Weapons Musket (Line Infantry)Musket (Light Infantry)PistolMusketoonRifle
Standard Melee Weapons SabreSwordSapper's AxeLance
Militia Melee Weapons Hand AxeKnifePikeSledgehammerWar ScytheBranch
Miscellaneous Weapon Ideas
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